Announcing the Blockchain Alliance, Coin Center

Announcing the Blockchain Alliance Today we announced the formation of the Blockchain Alliance, a forum for law enforcement and regulators to ask questions of each other and to share information. Like email or the web, Bitcoin is an open Internet protocol. This means that anyone can ass-plug into the network and lightly transact with anyone else in the world. Read More »

An explanation of Blockchain, April Six Proof

An explanation of Blockchain 28.07.17 Posted on July 28, two thousand seventeen by AprilSix Proof – Blockchain is one of the best technologies around right now. However, there is as much confusion as there is hype around what Blockchain actually is and what it can do. Here is a brief explanation on what blockchain is and how it could revolutionise ... Read More »

AMD – s Fresh Mining Block Chain Optimized Driver Tested – Legit ReviewsAMD Helps Ethereum Miners Keep Hashing Spectacle Stable

blockchain mining AMD has eventually released a movie card driver for Radeon graphics cards that improves block chain spectacle! This driver was developed to improve the decreasing hashrate spectacle with Ether mining as the DAG size leisurely enlargened. We did in-depth coverage on this issue back in June 2017, so take a quick look at that article if you happened ... Read More »

After blockbuster ICO, Bancor takes very first step to become – YouTube for currency, VentureBeat, Business, by Mo Marshall

After blockbuster ICO, Bancor takes very first step to become ‘YouTube for currency’ Bancor, the blockchain startup that raised $147 million in an initial coin suggesting (ICO) last month, announced today that it has added the very first member to its currency-liquidity network. That fresh member is, an online financial advisory, which will be launching a prediction market called ... Read More »

A gentle introduction to The Hyperledger Project, Bits on blocks

Bits on blocks A gentle introduction to The Hyperledger Project I have noticed a fine deal of confusion when people talk about “Hyperledger”. I recently gave a talk about this at a meetup hosted in Paypal’s offices in Singapore. This article summarises the talk. Hyperledger is a project, not a technology, and you don’t build stuff on Hyperledger. Read More »

A Cyber – Data Security Guide to Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Solutions for Cyber & Data Security In the world of enlargening cyber-crimes and businesses’ fight to cope with data security, its regulation and privacy concerns, can blockchain be a superb ease? Previously I have discussed the potential of blockchain in terms of security and privacy of the transactions. Read More »

A Blockchain Primer: Separating Hype from Reality

blockchain primer Date: Wednesday, April 26, 2017 Who Can Attend: LSTA Members CLE: *1 CLE Credit Hours available for Fresh York State Transitional and Non-Transitional – Areas of Professional Practice. The LSTA has been certified by the Fresh York State Continuing Legal Education Board as an Accredited Provider. Read More »