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51% Attack 51% attack refers to an attack on a blockchain – usually bitcoin’s, for which such an attack is still hypothetical – by a group of miners controlling more than 50% of the network’s mining hashrate, or computing power. The attackers would be able to prevent fresh transactions from gaining confirmations, permitting them to halt payments inbetween some or ... Read More »

504 blockchain

gethdev A development wrapper for Ethereum’s geth guideline. Do you want to run a private Ethereum testnet? Do you want to automatically mine blocks when there are pending transactions, then pause mining to give your laptop fan a break while you go back to developing your wise contract? gethdev is a puny wrapper around the geth instruction, which automatically sets ... Read More »

Four Lines of Defence Against a 51% Attack

Four Lines of Defence Against a 51% Attack The bitcoin community has been critical for the past two days of the enlargening hash rate of the largest bitcoin mining pool Ghash which states that it is presently able to process 37.92 Ph/s leading to an estimation of 42% – 47% of the total network hashrate. Read More »

Ten UK blockchain start-ups to see in 2017

Ten UK blockchain start-ups to witness in 2017 By Alara Basul | five April two thousand seventeen Despite qualms over Brexit, the UK still remains the financial hub of Europe and a popular choice of jurisdiction for blockchain-based companies. When it comes to regulating businesses that work on a distributed ledger platform, the UK is ahead of many different jurisdictions, ... Read More »

Ten Quotes That Defined Consensus 2016

blockchain quotes Held one week ago in Fresh York City, CoinDesk’s Consensus two thousand sixteen blockchain conference brought together speakers from all over the world to unveil fresh products, discuss the major issues of the day and begin to help plotting a course forward for the future of the industry. Read More »

Ten Must Read Bitcoin and Blockchain Blogs and Webpages, Fintech Schweiz Digital Finance News – FintechNewsCH

Ten Must Read Bitcoin and Blockchain Blogs and Webpages As bitcoin/blockchain technology is gaining much traction from the financial world and beyond, a number of dedicated online publications and blogs have emerged to share experienced commentary and industry news. Today, we’ve made a list of the top ten bitcoin and blockchain online publications and blogs to go after to keep ... Read More »