Bitcoin stir over – there – s a fresh kid on the blockchain – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Bitcoin stir over – there's a fresh kid on the blockchain The cryptocurrency market has rallied threefold and is now worth $101 billion – with bitcoin’s share being almost half. Retuers: Andy Clark The digital currency bitcoin has cracked fresh records – surging by more than two hundred forty five per cent since the commence of the year. Read More »

Bitcoin LIVE news: Price latest as investor WARNS cryptocurrency is a – fad, City & Business, Finance

Bitcoin LIVE news: Price latest as top investor warns cryptocurrency is an ‘unfounded FAD’ Bitcoin LIVE news: Price latest as investor Howard Marks issues cryptocurrency warning Investor Howard Marks, who predicted the financial crisis and dotcom bubble implosion, warned that cryptocurrency is a nothing more than a fad or pyramid scheme style scam. Read More »

Bitcoin Skill Podcast – Learn about blockchain and fintech, Interviews with top people in Bitcoin, blockchain and fintech

Bitcoin Skill Podcast – Learn about blockchain and fintech Main menu Whalepool Talk On BCH Segwit 2x and Fundamental Analysis Trace Mayer dropped in to say hello to Whalepool on Teamspeak and gives his thoughts on Bitcoin, segwit, BCH (Bitcoin Cash), altcoins, segwit2x and many other topics. He is joined by Phil Potter of Bitfinex and other members of the ... Read More »

Bitcoin i Blockchain w Polsce

blockchain w polsce Bitcoin i Blockchain w Polsce? „Blockchain wszedł na salony i ma się całkiem dobrze” – takimi słowami Tomasz Kibil, członek zespołu zadaniowego „Od papierowej do cyfrowej Polski” podsumował blockchain zawierając w tym myśl, że technologia ta wychodzi z anarchistycznego świata i „wchodzi na salony”. Read More »

Bitcoin fork happens

Bitcoin splits in Two Bitcoin-themed balloons at the “Inwards Bitcoins: The Future of Virtual Currency Conference” in Fresh York. Reuters/Lucas Jackson Bitcoin power brokers were incapable to come behind a single solution that would have preserved a unified cryptocurrency by Tuesday morning’s deadline. Read More »

Bitcoin Event News – Conference and Meetup News

Bitcoin Event News The bitcoin community gathers from far and broad to get together at conferences and meetups. Conferences have involved an arousing mix of entrepreneurs, investors, journalists and other enthusiasts. They provide a crucial role in stimulating discourse with regulators and law-makers. Read More »

Bitcoin Blockchain RESTful API

Bitcoin RESTful API Please contact us via email: or skype: The Bitaps Bitcoin REST API uses HTTP methods and a RESTful endpoint structure. You have to format requests in JSON and the APIs comeback JSON-formatted responses. All requests over secure HTTPS protocol only. To construct a REST call, combine: Read More »

Bitcoin Blockchain – Core of Fourth Industrial Revolution

INFORMATION ABOUT BITCOINS Bitcoin Blockchain – Core of Fourth Industrial Revolution Fourth Industrial Revolution – what lies ahead!! The very first industrial revolution came with the advent of Steam Engine. Next came Electro-stimulation and related advancement in every field. Then came the Computers which made the world smaller and swifter . Read More »