Digital Identity Part I – Storing Sovereign Identities on the Blockchain – Crypto Insider – Bitcoin and Blockchain News

Digital Identity Part I – Storing Sovereign Identities on the Blockchain One hundred years ago, the British Empire covered twenty four percent of the world’s land, with territories on every continent. In every colony, they trained and disciplined an effective civil service, a force of about 120,000 people around the globe, sending, signing, stamping, and filing bits of paper. Read More »

Die Blockchain im Entwickler-Umfeld

Die Blockchain im Entwickler-Umfeld Wie funktionieren Blockchains und was hat es mit Wise Contracts und Dapps bei Ethereum auf sich? Unser neues eBook „Blockchain im Developer-Umfeld“ beleuchtet die Grundlagen und stellt die spannendsten Projekte vor. Blockchains sind vielversprechend. Sie können Kosten einsparen, Audits vereinfachen, die Echtheit von Markenprodukten belegen, die Supply Chain von Lebensmitteln see-through machen, Vertrauen in Handelspartner und ... Read More »

Decentralized Prediction Markets, Augur Project

Welcome to the future of forecasting Augur combines the magic of prediction markets with the power of a decentralized network to create a beautifully accurate forecasting contraption – and the chance for real money trading profits Subscribe for updates about Augur We won’t share your email address or send you any spam – we promise! Read More »

DCG Signs Up IBM, MasterCard And More For Enterprise Blockchain Effort

blockchain one hundred one ibm May 22, two thousand seventeen at 15:59 UTC by Pete Rizzo Digital Currency Group (DCG) is getting into the enterprise blockchain game. Announced today at Consensus 2017, the investment conglomerate (and CoinDesk parent entity) is launching DCG Connect, a fourth subsidiary that will seek to help select corporate fucking partners leverage the insights and technology ... Read More »

D H Integrates Multi-Chain, Private Blockchain for Banking Customers

D+H Integrates Multi-Chain, Private Blockchain for Banking Customers D+H, a Toronto-based financial technology provider that earned $800 million in 2014, announced this week that it has integrated distributed ledger technology into its global payments services hub. The blockchain solution was built as an extension of D+H’s Global PAYplus solution, which helps financial institutions manage numerous payment types, including high value, ... Read More »

Customer reviews: BITMAIN ANTMINER U2 2Gh

Customer reviews Verified Purchases 1) There are absolutely no directions so you are on your own. It is not too hard to get it working tho’. It took me about twenty minutes to figure where to get a driver; download it; install and get it working without overclocking. Two) It runs hot even without overclocking so I am not too ... Read More »

Currency Calculator

Currency Calculator With Your Own Currency Exchange Rate What are Currency Exchange Rates? About forty years ago, most of the world’s currencies ceased having any backing to support their value. At one time, many currencies were backed by silver, gold, or other means – the governments that issued paper currency did so while maintaining some form of support for it. Read More »

Cubichain tackles 3D printing counterfeiting issues with blockchain technology – Courageous Fresh Coin

Cubichain tackles 3D printing counterfeiting issues with blockchain technology The latest industrial supply chain to embrace blockchain technology is targeting the additive manufacturing industry, otherwise known as large-scale 3D printing. Cubichain Technologies and CalRAM LLC. recently made a joint announcement that they have successfully demonstrated the deployment of a blockchain network to track aircraft parts from design, through printing, all ... Read More »

Credit Suisse springt auf den Blockchain-Zug auf – Bitcoin – › Web

Credit Suisse springt auf den Blockchain-Zug auf Die Schweizer Großbank Credit Suisse geht bei der neuen Cyberwährung “Utility Settlement Coin” mit der UBS zusammen. Die Blockchain-Währung soll dereinst den Zahlungsverkehr zwischen den Banken revolutionieren. Die Bank sei dem Konsortium des Projekts mit elf Finanzinstituten und der Softwarefirma Clearmatics beigetreten, teilte die Credit Suisse (CS) mit. Read More »