Scaling Bitcoin To Billions of Transactions Per Day

Scaling Bitcoin To Billions of Transactions Per Day We’re doing a presentation on the lightning network and micropayments. Right now bitcoin faces some interesting problems, like transactions aren’t instant, and micropayments don’t work. The transaction fees are 1/10th of a cent or higher depending on the exchange rate. Read More »

Scalability – Bitcoin Wiki

Scalability [Note: This page is gravely outdated and largely unmaintained; due to past incidents of edit-warring it has not been subject to much peer review.] A Bitcoin utter knot could be modified to scale to much higher transaction rates than are seen today, assuming that said knot is running on a high end servers rather than a desktop. Read More »

Satoshi • Fund: Blockchain Capital Fund III ICO Report

Satoshi • Fund: Blockchain Capital Fund III ICO Report The Blockchain Capital’s ICO may turn out to be a game changer in venture capital world. It connects two previously coexisting realities — equity investment and tokens issuance. With a competent team, an innovative venture fund concept, and a total compliance with existing regulatory framework, this token sale should certainly be ... Read More »

Santa Clara Family Health Plan Selects Cognizant s TriZetto Platform to Drive Business Growth and Meet Industry Requests – Jan Ten, 2017

Press Releases Industry-leading Suite of Proven Medicaid and Medicare Solutions Enables Operational Efficiency and Compliance, Lowers Costs and Improves Member and Provider Practice TEANECK, N.J. , Jan. Ten, two thousand seventeen /PRNewswire/ — Cognizant (NASDAQ: CTSH) today announced that Santa Clara Family Health Plan (SCFHP), a California -based health plan, selected Cognizant’s leading TriZetto software solutions to support the overall ... Read More »

Så smäller bitcoin, Spara med Claes Hemberg – Sparekonom på Avanza Bank

Spara med Hemberg Så smäller bitcoin Den digitala penningbrasan bitcoin har sedan mars stigit över 250%, till över three 000 dollar, helt utan verklig andledning eller nytta. Det brukar vi kalla pyramidspel. Används den dessutom av kriminella talar vi om ett samhällsproblem, för polis att agera på. Och en krasch i bitcoin lär dra med sig eight hundred thirty andra ... Read More »

Run python script from init

Portfolio My latest projects Skill The pen remembers what the mind forgets Commence python script from init.d 1. place your python script in the following folder: /usr/local/sbin/ Two. create a fresh file in /etc/init.d/ in this case it will be example, so sudo nano /etc/init.d/example Trio. Use the following code for the example file Read More »

RMG The Fresh Digital Gold Standard, RMG

Physical gold digitally traded RMG – a fresh, cost-effective, convenient and secure way to trade physical gold What is RMG? RMG is an alternative way to invest in and trade physical gold. It aims to provide the investment spectacle of the London Gold Market with the transparency of an exchange-traded security. Read More »

Reimagining the Future of Identity Management With Blockchain

Reimagining the Future of Identity Management With Blockchain Every business and social transaction is carried out by people. People are known by their identities. Hence, identity drives every business and social interaction. In today’s digital age, an individual’s identity is not defined by a single attribute such as a name, address or user ID. Read More »