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Blockchain = “a distributed cryptographic ledger collective amongst all knots participating in the network, over which every successfully performed transaction is recorded”. [1] Contents Contextual Citation “Why trust Bitcoin, or more specifically, why trust the technology that makes Bitcoin possible? In brief, because it assumes everybody’s a crook, yet it still gets them to go after the rules.” Read More »

Bitcoin price soars to $1, eight hundred record high

Bitcoin crosses $1,800 for the very first time adding $Three billion in market cap in just four days Bitcoin surpassed $1,800 on Thursday to a fresh record high, rising more than $100 in just two days, driven by comments from policy makers and positive noises around the future of the cryptocurrency. The price of the digital currency was trading at ... Read More »

Bitcoin LIVE news: Price latest as investor WARNS cryptocurrency is a – fad, City & Business, Finance

Bitcoin LIVE news: Price latest as top investor warns cryptocurrency is an ‘unfounded FAD’ Bitcoin LIVE news: Price latest as investor Howard Marks issues cryptocurrency warning Investor Howard Marks, who predicted the financial crisis and dotcom bubble implosion, warned that cryptocurrency is a nothing more than a fad or pyramid scheme style scam. Read More »

Bitcoin Skill Podcast – Learn about blockchain and fintech, Interviews with top people in Bitcoin, blockchain and fintech

Bitcoin Skill Podcast – Learn about blockchain and fintech Main menu Whalepool Talk On BCH Segwit 2x and Fundamental Analysis Trace Mayer dropped in to say hello to Whalepool on Teamspeak and gives his thoughts on Bitcoin, segwit, BCH (Bitcoin Cash), altcoins, segwit2x and many other topics. He is joined by Phil Potter of Bitfinex and other members of the ... Read More »

Bitcoin Blockchain – Core of Fourth Industrial Revolution

INFORMATION ABOUT BITCOINS Bitcoin Blockchain – Core of Fourth Industrial Revolution Fourth Industrial Revolution – what lies ahead!! The very first industrial revolution came with the advent of Steam Engine. Next came Electro-stimulation and related advancement in every field. Then came the Computers which made the world smaller and swifter . Read More »

AT – T is Seeking a Patent for a Bitcoin-Powered Server

at&t blockchain Oct 26, two thousand sixteen at 17:39 UTC by Stan Higgins US telecom giant AT&T is seeking a patent for a kind of home subscriber server that utilizes a blockchain. The application, filed on 6th April and published on 6th October, outlines a “decentralized and distributed secure home subscriber server device”. Read More »

Apache Software Foundation founder to lead blockchain Hyperledger Project, ZDNet

​Apache Software Foundation founder to lead blockchain Hyperledger Project Well-known open-source developer and leader Brian Behlendorf is now the executive director of Hyperledger, a project for advancing enterprise open-source blockchain technology Bitcoin gets all the headlines for blockchain technology but the Linux Foundation has plans to make blockchain useful in the enterprise. Read More »

700 and Rising: What – s Driving the Price of Bitcoin Cash?

Two bitcoin price Aug Legitimate, two thousand seventeen at 23:03 UTC by Ash Bennington Bitcoin cash surged above $700 today, passing a notable milestone amidst a two-day rally during which the price of the cryptocurrency more than doubled. Heading into weekend trading sessions, bitcoin cash has emerged as the third-largest cryptocurrency by network value, behind bitcoin and ethereum. Read More »