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The Blockchain in Healthcare

The Blockchain in Healthcare The blockchain is an idea centered around the concept of a secure, digital ledger system that provides a system for efficient, auditable transactions of almost any type inbetween entities [1] . All information related to blockchain transactions is at once both independently verifiable by all (even outside) parties as correct and also inscrutable to entities without ... Read More »


THREE LAYERS OF PROTECTION Rely on the mathematical assurance that cryptography protects the identity of your products from being copied or faked Delve into a fully auditable record of your shipment’s logistics movements with confidence that any anomalies can be detected Be certain that this innovative fresh technology defeats the business model of counterfeiters as it prevents the sale of ... Read More »

Så smäller bitcoin, Spara med Claes Hemberg – Sparekonom på Avanza Bank

Spara med Hemberg Så smäller bitcoin Den digitala penningbrasan bitcoin har sedan mars stigit över 250%, till över three 000 dollar, helt utan verklig andledning eller nytta. Det brukar vi kalla pyramidspel. Används den dessutom av kriminella talar vi om ett samhällsproblem, för polis att agera på. Och en krasch i bitcoin lär dra med sig eight hundred thirty andra ... Read More »

R3 blockchain crunchbase

Blockbuster Market Snapshot — Ronald Reagan — Marc Andreessen It wasn’t too long ago that BlackBerry was the coolest technology company in the World. In fact, people were so addicted to their BlackBerries that they were called “Crackberries.” In 2007, BlackBerry and Apple were both toughly $70 billion market value businesses. Read More »

Privacy Policy – Blockchain Users Group

Privacy Policy Protecting your private information is our priority. This Statement of Privacy applies to the https:blockchainug.org and Bitcoin Users Group Inc. and governs data collection and usage. For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, unless otherwise noted, all references to Bitcoin Users Group Inc. Read More »

Op Ed: How the Blockchain Will Help Fix the Internet

Op Ed: How the Blockchain Will Help Fix the Internet A duo weeks ago, AWS (Amazon Web Services) experienced a failure that impacted a large swath of popular services that we increasingly depend on to manage our digital lives. Consider the online collaboration service Slack; many people belong to several Slacks channels. Read More »

Offense or Defense? How to Win the Blockchain Game

blockchain game Apr 14, two thousand seventeen at 12:00 UTC by Ben Jessel Ben Jessel is a managing principal at Capco, a global business and technology consultancy dedicated solely to the financial services industry (and FIS company). In this opinion lump, Jessel discusses how organizations are adapting to blockchain technology, and how advances in the field are creating fresh competitive ... Read More »

My Token

My Token / ICO / Blockchain Capital Markets Landscape It seems that everyday there is a fresh altcoin or a fresh blockchain capital market company. As the market is evolving at a rapid tempo, I thought it could be useful to share my landscape in order to gather feedback and also to flag all my typos/errors…PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF ... Read More »