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Bitcoin price, Bitconnect

BITCOIN PRICE BITCOIN PRICE NEWS It's been a rough few days for bitcoin. Towards the end of last week, news out of Russia and China hit press and book with its pretty substantial downside pressure on the bitcoin price. South Korea joined the fray at the commence of this weekend and compounded the act. Read More »

Bitcoin Magazine’s Top six Business Stories of 2016

Bitcoin Magazine’s Top six Business Stories of 2016 Bitcoin, digital currency and blockchain technology experienced another explosive year in 2016. While bitcoin breached the all-time high in USD market cap, several fresh digital currencies claimed a place in the spotlights as well, while the blockchain hum arguably peaked it all. Read More »

Bitcoin Cash: five Swift Facts You Need to Know

Bitcoin Cash: five Prompt Facts You Need to Know Amid much controversy over size and scale, Bitcoin, a popular form of cryptocurrency, split off in two directions Tuesday, forming a fresh branch of currency called Bitcoin Cash. Since its introduction into the market in two thousand nine by mysterious creator Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin has taken off as a way to ... Read More »

Bitcoin and Virtual Currencies: Welcome to Your Regulator – Harvard Business Law Review (HBLR)

Bitcoin and Virtual Currencies: Welcome to Your Regulator Among all the U.S. regulators interested in regulating Bitcoin and virtual currencies, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is determined to be at the forefront. Since the announcement by CFTC Chairman Timothy Massad in late two thousand fourteen that Bitcoin derivatives should fall within the scope of the CFTC’s jurisdiction, [1] the ... Read More »

Beyond the boring blockchain bubble, TechCrunch

Beyond the boring blockchain bubble The foolish season resumes. Speculators are piling into the cryptocurrency space in the hopes of–sometimes very literally–making money swift. As I write this Ethereum’s value has halved since June but is still 20x since January. Litecoin is up 12x since then. Even Bitcoin has tripled, again. Read More »

Beginner – s Guide to Mining Bitcoins

Beginner’s Guide to Mining Bitcoins One of the fattest problems I ran into when I was looking to begin mining Bitcoin for investment and profit was most of the sites were written for the advanced user. I am not a professional coder, I have no practice with Ubuntu, Linux and minimal practice with Mac. Read More »

WTF Is The Blockchain? A Guide for Total Beginners

WTF Is The Blockchain? A Guide for Total Beginners Blockchain: the single most confusing term since Bitcoin. Everyone has a vague idea of what it does. It’s either the ultimate evolution of financial technologies, or a foolish fad that can be summed up in the disconcerting phrase: “dogechain.” In reality, major companies around the world have already shown favor to ... Read More »

Working With Us, Enigma

Careers We’re looking for nosey people. If solving uniquely challenging and complicated problems excites you, join us. At Enigma we provide the content, devices, and expertise to empower organizations looking to make sense of the world through data. It’s an ambitious project, so we’re recruiting aggressively to find not only the smartest people in the world, but also those who ... Read More »