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Credit Suisse springt auf den Blockchain-Zug auf – Bitcoin – › Web

Credit Suisse springt auf den Blockchain-Zug auf Die Schweizer Großbank Credit Suisse geht bei der neuen Cyberwährung “Utility Settlement Coin” mit der UBS zusammen. Die Blockchain-Währung soll dereinst den Zahlungsverkehr zwischen den Banken revolutionieren. Die Bank sei dem Konsortium des Projekts mit elf Finanzinstituten und der Softwarefirma Clearmatics beigetreten, teilte die Credit Suisse (CS) mit. Read More »

Convergence of Blockchain with Emerging Technologies Set to Disrupt the Healthcare Industry by 2025

blockchain three hundred sixty santa clara Data interoperability, insurance fraud management, drug supply chain provenance, and identity management applications suggest growth opportunities, finds Frost & Sullivan’s Transformational Health team Santa Clara, Calif. – July Three, two thousand seventeen – In the next five to ten years, a blockchain ecosystem with healthcare-focused use cases involving health data exchanges, wise assets management, ... Read More »

Connecting WordPress via WooCommerce to the NEM Blockchain

Connecting WordPress via WooCommerce to the NEM Blockchain The NEM Team would like to thank Robin Peterson (Telegram user: @robinped) for contributing this blog and project. One of NEM’s many strengths is its API. Each knot in the network is an API server in itself. And you can interact with the Blockchain through a plain HTTP GET request. Read More »

Charlie Shrem – s Next Act? Helping This Blockchain Startup Disrupt Music

blockchain startups Aug 27, two thousand seventeen at 14:36 UTC by Jonathan Keane Several blockchain startups have pursued taking on the middleman-heavy music industry, but still business-as-usual persists. But maybe not for long, with Slovenia gig-booking blockchain platform, Viberate, snagging two high-profile advisors – bitcoin entrepreneur Charlie Shrem and Pinterest chief scientist Dr. Read More »

Blockstack Unveils Decentralized Tokenized Blockchain Web Browser

Blockstack Unveils Decentralized Tokenized Blockchain Web Browser As the list of dApps (decentralized applications) grows ever longer, a fresh class of platform has began to arise. Decentralized browsers have been hitting the market at a sustained stream this year, suggesting users the capability to interact with the Ethereum network using a decentralized system. Read More »

Blockchain, XBRL

Blockchain Fintech and Regulation The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has published a staff discussion note on ways that distributed ledger technology can improve the global economy. What influence might FinTech have on financial services and how should regulators react? In its paper, the IMF sets out an economic framework for thinking through the channels that FinTech might provide solutions. […] Read More »

Blockchain, la tecnologia che rivoluzionerà l – Industria Four

Blockchain, la tecnologia che rivoluzionerà l’Industria Four.0 Ci sono poche cose in grado di dividere gli utenti della Rete come i bitcoin. Per molti la criptovaluta altro non è che un sistema per ottenere prodotti illegali. Per altri invece si tratta del futuro monetario. La Blockchain invece piace a tutti, e secondo gli esperti rivoluzionerà anche l’industria Four.0. Read More »

Blockchain Training in Dubai, NobleProg UAE

Enquiry Form Blockchain Training in Dubai Client Testimonials Truly loved the skill and mode of interaction Deepak – EYGBS (India) Private Limited Mode of interaction Deepak Gupta – EYGBS (India) Private Limited Blockchain Course Events – Dubai Course Outlines This course has been designed for developers and project managers who would like to experiment with Blockchain in their products and ... Read More »

Blockchain jobs chicago

Welcome Bloq produces enterprise grade blockchain technology to leading companies worldwide. Blockchain-enabled technology is switching the way companies treatment commerce, trading, transparency, security, identification, supply chain, auditing and so much more — the most significant and valuable business systems in the world will be powered by blockchains. Read More »