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An explanation of Blockchain, April Six Proof

An explanation of Blockchain 28.07.17 Posted on July 28, two thousand seventeen by AprilSix Proof – Blockchain is one of the best technologies around right now. However, there is as much confusion as there is hype around what Blockchain actually is and what it can do. Here is a brief explanation on what blockchain is and how it could revolutionise ... Read More »

After blockbuster ICO, Bancor takes very first step to become – YouTube for currency, VentureBeat, Business, by Mo Marshall

After blockbuster ICO, Bancor takes very first step to become ‘YouTube for currency’ Bancor, the blockchain startup that raised $147 million in an initial coin suggesting (ICO) last month, announced today that it has added the very first member to its currency-liquidity network. That fresh member is, an online financial advisory, which will be launching a prediction market called ... Read More »

A gentle introduction to The Hyperledger Project, Bits on blocks

Bits on blocks A gentle introduction to The Hyperledger Project I have noticed a fine deal of confusion when people talk about “Hyperledger”. I recently gave a talk about this at a meetup hosted in Paypal’s offices in Singapore. This article summarises the talk. Hyperledger is a project, not a technology, and you don’t build stuff on Hyperledger. Read More »

51% Attack, Investopedia

51% Attack 51% attack refers to an attack on a blockchain – usually bitcoin’s, for which such an attack is still hypothetical – by a group of miners controlling more than 50% of the network’s mining hashrate, or computing power. The attackers would be able to prevent fresh transactions from gaining confirmations, permitting them to halt payments inbetween some or ... Read More »

Ten Most Promising Blockchain Companies

The ten Most Promising Startups Building Stuff With Blockchain Technology Editor’s note: Below is a list from Tim Swanson, a Bitcoin consultant based in San Francisco who blogs at the site Of Numbers, on the top ten firms built on or incorporating a blockchain. Blockchains work like giant digital spreadsheets collective by everyone in a decentralized network, and are used ... Read More »

0.05 bitcoin in euro

BitMalta How can one obtain bitcoin? Let’s commence off with the million-dollar question very first. There are four main ways by which one can obtain Bitcoin: Trade your fiat currency (Euro, U.S. Dollar, etc) to Bitcoin using an exchangesuch as Bitstamp Mining Ask someone to send you Bitcoin BTC Faucets – these are websites which give out a nominal amount ... Read More »