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Featured Speakers, SXSW Conference – Festivals

Featured Speakers Looking for mind-expanding presentations by industry leaders? SXSW Conference Featured Speakers bring together some of the fattest and brightest names of our time. two thousand seventeen SXSW Featured Speaker, Melanie Lynskey – Photo by Errich Petersen Super Sponsors About Featured Speakers SXSW Conference speakers come from all over the globe. Read More »

Ethereum on a iPhone – Decentralize Today

Ethereum on a iPhone Getting embarked with Ethereum apps on iOS There is no installation package, build by the Ethereum community, ready for the iOS. But in a way it is possible to build something. Let us commence with the Ethereum client architecture to see what we have. Ethereum is an example of a very rapid growing blockchain implementation. Read More »


ENERGY TRANSITION Four.0 The Energy Transition has reached its digital age. The internet of things and Industry Four.0 but above all the blockchain and wise contracts are driving compels to make our energy system more efficient, nimble, and decentralised. Very first use cases of the blockchain are micro-grids, bonus systems based on green energy, load-based electrical play rates and fresh ... Read More »

Digital Identity Part I – Storing Sovereign Identities on the Blockchain – Crypto Insider – Bitcoin and Blockchain News

Digital Identity Part I – Storing Sovereign Identities on the Blockchain One hundred years ago, the British Empire covered twenty four percent of the world’s land, with territories on every continent. In every colony, they trained and disciplined an effective civil service, a force of about 120,000 people around the globe, sending, signing, stamping, and filing bits of paper. Read More »

D H Integrates Multi-Chain, Private Blockchain for Banking Customers

D+H Integrates Multi-Chain, Private Blockchain for Banking Customers D+H, a Toronto-based financial technology provider that earned $800 million in 2014, announced this week that it has integrated distributed ledger technology into its global payments services hub. The blockchain solution was built as an extension of D+H’s Global PAYplus solution, which helps financial institutions manage numerous payment types, including high value, ... Read More »