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Raspberry Pi two Bitcoin Knot – Development Cycle

Raspberry Pi two Bitcoin Knot Not long ago I set up a Bitcoin knot on a Debian Wheezy VPS to train myself about Bitcoin and the blockchain in general. It was a good learning practice but the memory requirements of the Bitcoin software kept causing my VPS example to run out of memory. So the kernel would permanently be killing ... Read More »

On KYC and blockchains, Bits on blocks

Bits on blocks On KYC and blockchains KYC is a challenge that blockchains are being thrown at (see here, here, here). The premise is “KYC is a headache and blockchains are stylish”. However there is uncommonly much detail on the problem and insight as to why a blockchain might or might not be a good idea. Read More »

Marijuana Industry Blockchain Developer Coin Playmates with IOTA

Marijuana Industry Blockchain Developer Coin Switches to IOTA There exists a multi-billion dollar industry which is largely fighting to establish itself in the United States market. Untrustworthy businesses, often seen as attempting to capitalize on a growing market trend simply to con individuals out of money, make it difficult for the average person to separate the legitimate from the not, ... Read More »

Job Application for Talent Associate at Blockchain

Talent Associate For the very first time in modern history, the thirteen trillion dollar financial services industry, which hasn’t meaningfully switched in over a century, is being modernized. Blockchain (which raised the largest Series B since Brexit) is at the forefront of this revolution. Our software is helping millions – from single individuals to the largest institutions – across the ... Read More »

Jaxx IO

blockchain twelve recovery words Jaxx’s code is now available to view below. This is the total code (minus third party libraries) of our wallet’s back end; it does not contain any UI elements. Choose the Version: Terms of Service 1. Parties This agreement is inbetween you (“You” or “Your” in this agreement) and eight million eight hundred twenty one thousand ... Read More »

Implementing blockchain for cognitive IoT applications, Part 1: Integrate device data with wise contracts in IBM Blockchain

Integrate device data with brainy contracts in IBM Blockchain How are these two technologies being used to build end-to-end secure and automated solutions? Published on January 09, two thousand seventeen / Updated: June 01, 2017 Content series: This content is part # of # in the series: Implementing blockchain for cognitive IoT applications, Part 1 This content is part of ... Read More »

If you don t know what blockchain is, begin studying – Finance – CSCMP s Supply Chain Quarterly

If you don’t know what blockchain is, begin studying Before we get into any discussion about blockchain, let me say right up front that I am no technical accomplished, nor am I especially knowledgeable about finance. I won’t profess, either, to fully understanding how blockchain works. But I do recognize that some very astute, respected analysts and a host of ... Read More »