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VC Three

VC Three.0 — How VCs position themselves in the world of blockchain Eight months ago I wrote a post exploring ICOs and their implications for VCs. Since then, the ICO space has had a meteoric rise and one question I keep hearing along the way is “how do VCs position themselves in this fresh space?” To reaction the above, VCs ... Read More »

Understanding the Basics of Blockchain Technology and Bitcoin

Reporter’s Briefing: Explaining Blockchain Business journalists need to understand the enormous potential of blockchain technology—as well as its considerable risk. (Picture by “BTC Keychain” via Flickr) It’s been said that the companies driving innovation and forging fresh trails in the tech world are not run by idealistic Stanford dropouts. Read More »

The CIO – s Guide to Blockchain – Smarter With Gartner

The CIO’s Guide to Blockchain Blockchain is only the very first step in a future of distributed ledger platforms that enable the programmable economy. If you’re a CIO, blockchain very likely crossed your radar screen a few years ago with news of Bitcoin and how its distributed ledger technology enabled “anonymous” transactions by nefarious entities around the globe. Read More »

The block in blockchain explained (merkle trees)

haroldcarr . [com|org] This exposition concentrates on a blockchain technology often used in a block: Merkle Trees. For this exposition, a block will be defined as: where transactions are are an ordered sequence of data: Here the “transactions” are uninterpreted opaque data: In a “real” blockchain, this is where “smart contracts” would be involved (a subject of a future exposition). Read More »

Techemy Blockchain Consulting

Techemy Consulting BLOCKCHAINS DIGITAL EQUITY AND BLOCKCHAIN SOLUTIONS Blockchain Technology is disrupting every sector from Banking to Government and global commerce. Techemy helps you understand the trends, technology and key players in this continually evolving space. How would your business go about integrating Programmable-Money, or Wise Contracts? Read More »

Run python script from init

Portfolio My latest projects Skill The pen remembers what the mind forgets Commence python script from init.d 1. place your python script in the following folder: /usr/local/sbin/ Two. create a fresh file in /etc/init.d/ in this case it will be example, so sudo nano /etc/init.d/example Trio. Use the following code for the example file Read More »