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Ternity: Fresh Blockchain Platform

blockchain three hundred sixty podcast æternity is a fresh blockchain platform in the making, which aims to tackle current issues in blockchain, such as scalability, privacy, and transaction speed. æternity’s technology is meant to to be ready for mainstream adoption by using fresh features like state channels, oracle machine, and hybrid proof of stake and proof of work. Read More »

Techemy Blockchain Consulting

Techemy Consulting BLOCKCHAINS DIGITAL EQUITY AND BLOCKCHAIN SOLUTIONS Blockchain Technology is disrupting every sector from Banking to Government and global commerce. Techemy helps you understand the trends, technology and key players in this continually evolving space. How would your business go about integrating Programmable-Money, or Wise Contracts? Read More »


THREE LAYERS OF PROTECTION Rely on the mathematical assurance that cryptography protects the identity of your products from being copied or faked Delve into a fully auditable record of your shipment’s logistics movements with confidence that any anomalies can be detected Be certain that this innovative fresh technology defeats the business model of counterfeiters as it prevents the sale of ... Read More »

Tapscott Announces International Blockchain Research Institute

Don Tapscott Announces International Blockchain Research Institute The government of Canada, in partnership with other government figures and private sector companies, is establishing a Blockchain Research Institute in Toronto to bring together the top minds in public and private sector research to build blockchain-based economies around the world. Read More »

Steem: Reddit blockchain, CryptoFR

Steem: Reddit + blockchain parcouru par Bonjour a tous, je n’ai pas vu de sujet sur Steem alors je me lance. Steem a demarré il y a quelques mois. En gros, c’est un Reddit (un forum où on vote pour les sujets qui nous interessent) qui vous recompense avec un monnaie virtuelle si vous creez ou votez pour un sujet ... Read More »