What is the most trusted bitcoin exchange in India?

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Popular and most trusted bitcoin exchanges in India are:

Zebpay is well known and very trusted bitcoin exchange in India. It has offices in Ahmedabad, India. They provide only app to trade bitcoin. The app is very friendly to use.

Trading platforms: App only

Payment option: Bank fund transfer using NEFT, RTGs and IMPS

Unocoin is one of the very first bitcoin startup of India. It is also the most costliest bitcoin exchange in India. On the other arm, it also supports exchanging of altcoins to bitcoin. It has offices in Bengaluru, India.

Trading platforms: App and website

Payment option: Bank fund transfer using NEFT, RTGs and IMPS

Coinsecure provide most cheapest bitcoin rates. However, they take humongous amount of time to process KYC. It has offices in Delhi, India.

Trading platforms: App and website

Payment option: Bank fund transfer using NEFT, RTGs and IMPS

It is one of the very first bitcoin exchange in India. User interface of the site may be confusing to beginners. It has offices in Hyderabad, India.

Trading platforms: Website only

Payment option: Bank fund transfer using NEFT, RTGs and IMPS

Five. Bitcoin India

Bitcoin is a very youthfull bitcoin exchange in India. It has offices in Hyderabad, India. The best part is that along with bitcoin, you can also trade altcoins (Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and Dashcoin (DASH)) on Bitcoin India.

Trading platforms: App and website

Payment option: Bank fund transfer using NEFT, RTGs and IMPS

Till now i have used all bitcoin exchanges in India. As per my private opinion, i found Bitxoxo.com the best. In all aspects, Bitxoxo is the best bitcoin exchange in India. Some of the aspects are:

  1. All other bitcoin exchanges typically process transactions inbetween ten am-6 pm (Mon-Sat) but Bitxoxo is open 24×7. Once i called to their support number8688-6600-66 at Trio am in the morning, one of their executives attended me and helped me with my transaction.
  2. Their Live Talk Support is awesome and very friendly.
  3. There rates are best in the market. I had been monitoring bitcoins rate on Bitxoxo since months, and i found that Bitxoxo gives best rates both Buy/Sell as compared to other exchanges.
  4. I created accounts on other exchanges and once i submitted my KYC to them for verification, they typically took 2–3 days to get my account verified. But when i submitted my KYC to Bitxoxo , within thirty mins i got a call from them and my profile is verified.
  5. As far as trading time is worried, i found them the best. Usually when i use to transfer payment to Zebpay, Unocoin or Coinsecure, my deposit gets confirmed in 4–5 hours and sometime they take 2–3 days during holidays. But on Bitxoxo,my deposit got confirmed within five minutes of my transfer.
  6. Comparing their withdrawal time, i got payment to my account through IMPS within fifteen minutes of my withdrawal request to them(Even tho’ it was Sunday). Usually other exchanges transfer payment through NEFT only and takes 4–5 hours to get credited in the account. And when the bank is closed, i use to wait for 1–2 days to get the payment in my account.
  7. Last but not the least, Bitxoxo has 0% Exchange Fees.

So, far i have a very good practice with Bitxoxo and i have been buying and selling bitcoins with them slickly. Hope other bitcoin exchanges in India should increase their standards and match upto Bitxoxo .

Igot? No way, please don’t buy there! Their prices may seems low compared to other Indian exchanges but there has been a lot of people who have been scammed by them. You can have a look at their Facebook page and go through the comments to get an idea about what I am attempting to say.

Coming to your main question, I would suggest you to buy from India’s largest Bitcoin Exchange Zebpay.

They embarked India’s very first ever Bitcoin exchange and have been leading this space for a while. All you have to do is send KYC documents and add your bank details which usually get approved within 24hrs and then send payment from your bank via RTGS, NEFT or IMPS.

Hello everyone,I am bitcoin enthusiast based in India . As a beginner,I have searched modes of bitcoin buying and selling in India.I found some legalised bitcoin exchanges in India as goes after.

Trio. zebpay – application available in android & IOS

Four. unocoin.com -web & application available

As of today, these have included all the available exchange in India.

There are lots of traders out there in India, who trades locally as well as personally.They have developed private contacts to trade bitcoins locally.Cash deals are also happening nowadays, but it’s very risky due to law & enforcement problems who goes after those traders who deals in cash.

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It is very useful site for beginners as well as experienced trades also.I am sure you will make lots of profits after using this site regularly.

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