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Frequently asked questions

Bitex is the very first real time bitcoin exchange for Latin America. It’s the product of a union of experts from the financial and technology with over fifteen years market practice.

Bitex is a real time bitcoin exchange. Go after these steps to commence trading:

2- Finish your private details.

3- Deposit cash in your Bitex account.

NOTICE: Your deposit may take up to five working days to credit to your Bitex account.

* will check your information and will grant you access as long as you pass our KYC and AML checks.

How do I trade?

After funding your account it’s time to embark trading. Click the Buy button and define how much you want to spend and the maximum price you wish to pay per bitcoin.

How do I cancel an order?

To cancel an order just find it in the orderbook and click on the trash can next to it, it will be cancelled momentarily. Do notice that an order may take a few seconds longer to be cancelled if it’s presently being matched.

How much does it cost to trade on Bitex?

Bitex charges a 0.5% fee on the value of each trade. This fee may be lower if you trade large amounts, you can request special pricing by contacting us at

Are there minimum amounts to operate?

Minimum amounts may apply when buying, selling, depositing and withdrawing both bitcoins as FIAT. At the moment you can not buy for less than one USD or sell less than 0.005 BTC. The minimum amounts may switch in the future without notice. Deposits or withdrawals which can be consider to be very petite may be delayed or canceled directly. If you have doubts about the current amount or the current criteria please contact us at [] (mailto:

Do you sell Bitcoin?

No. All we do is provide a reliable and secure marketplace where to operate. We assure that buyers get their bitcoin and sellers get their Dollars.

What options do I have to deposit and withdraw?

Deposit methods

International Bank Transfer

Currencies: Any currency, will be converted to USD.

Cash-in Fee: U$S Ten

Cash-out Fee: U$S ten + 0.5%

Considerations: Recall all your international bank transfers must be coming from an account to your name, and must be announced with us very first so that we know when/where to expect them from.


Fee: Just the network fee, usually 0.0005 BTC, charged by your bitcoin wallet.

Withdrawal Methods

International Bank Transfer

Currencies:USD that may be converted to your local currency by your bank.

Fee:$100 USD for up to $Ten.000 USD, or 1% for over $Ten.000 USD


Fee:Nothing, not even the network fee, we pay for that. (but that may switch in the future)

How do I make a deposit?

International Bank Transfer

1 – Go to funding -> Deposit

two – Choose to deposit using international bank transfer.

three – Come in your bank account details, we need them to know where to expect the transfer for.

four – Come in the amount you want to deposit in united states dollar.

five – Click Send and we’ll contact you again with our bank account details and instructions.

How do I verify my account?

The process to verify your account is fairly ordinary, you just need to provide us with a valid ID or passport with fully visible information. We’ll let you deposit or withdraw up to three thousand USD a month.

Account types

Micro account

Deposit/Withdrawal thresholds: U$S Three,000.00

Exchange boundaries: No thresholds

Funding options: International bank transfer

Requisites: Passport or other valid ID

Puny account

Deposit/Withdrawal boundaries:U$S Ten,000.00

Exchange boundaries: No boundaries

Funding options: International bank transfer

Requisites: Passport or other valid ID, Utility Bill

Medium account

Deposit/Withdrawal boundaries: U$S 50,000.00

Exchange thresholds: No thresholds

Funding options: International bank transfer

Requisites for Natural Persons:Passport or other valid ID, Utility Bill

Requisites for Legal Entities: Articles of association

Power of attorney on the account holder’s behalf., Registration Act, Bank account statement

Large account

Deposit/Withdrawal boundaries:+ U$S 50,000.00

Exchange boundaries: No boundaries

Funding options: International bank transfer

Requisites for Natural Persons:Passport or other valid ID, Utility Bill

Requisites for Legal Entities: Articles of association, Power of attorney on the account holder’s behalf, Registration Act, Bank account statement, Last year’s exercise financial statement

How long does a deposit take?

A bank transfer may take from two to five days to credit in your account.

How long does a withdrawal take?

A bank transfer to your account may take from two to five days.

How long does a bitcoin deposit take?

Bitcoin deposits credit with three confirmations, about half an hour.

How long does a bitcoin withdrawal take?

All withdrawals are supervised by one of our account officers and as such are processed during office hours. We may implement automatic withdrawals in the future up to certain amounts but you can expect delays from time to time. Once we process a withdrawal the Bitcoin network may take one hour to give it six confirmations.

Is it safe to use Bitex?

Yes, it is! We hold ourselves to the highest security standards both in cryptography as in fund and customer information management. This lets us service you in the most secure and sturdy way.

Cloudflare: Keeps the website and API snappy, even under DDOS attacks.

Comodo: Provides SSL certificates for secure connections inbetween your computer and our servers.

Google Authenticator: Brings an extra layer of security to your login.

Amazon Web Services: Provides us with safe, redundant and scalable IT infrastructure.


Bitex provee servicios financieros sobre la crimson Bitcoin. Realiza pagos y cobros globales usando Concierge, opera Bitcoin en nuestro exchange, haz compras OTC o acepta pagos en Bitcoin en tu negocio.

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Preguntas frecuentes

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