Bowhead Health – The world s very first medical instrument powered by blockchain

The very first medical instrument powered by blockchain.

Secure, Convenient & Private

Read the research we have compiled on vitamins and supplements here.

The Bowhead Tokensale is not available for US or Canadian citizens or residents.

Optimize Your Health

Roadmap for Health

Track your test results and receive accomplished health advice.

Anonymized Patient Data

You determine whether you want to lease your anonymous health data to research, secured by clever contracts.

Utter Health Data Control

Determine who, what, when, where and how individuals and organizations interact with your health data.

360 Degrees of Health Data

Bowhead receives data from at-home test kits, remote test kits and qualitative data via effortless to use surveys.

Experienced Insights

Unlock a community of medical/naturopathic doctors and wellness coaches.

Friendly Reminders

Stay on top of your vitamin and supplement schedule with timely notifications.

Real-time test reader and dispenser

The Bowhead device is connected to the internet and can monitor the health of individuals at home and can also be a resource used by healthcare professionals to provide timely advice to people in need of health attention and direction.

The device can dispense personalized selections and dosages of nutritional supplements and medicine based on an individual’s unique needs.

Proven Leadership Team

Dr. Rhea Mehta, Bowhead Health CEO, is a molecular toxicologist and nutritional biochemist and integrative nutrition coach. Rhea has over ten years of practice in health-related research and practice, and as a wellness community builder. Rhea is the cofounder of Camp Reset and Global Smoothie Day. Rhea graduated from University of Waterloo and University of Toronto.

Dr. Francisco Diaz-Mitoma, Bowhead Health Chairman, is a certified physician, scientist and cofounder of Variation Biotechnologies (NASDAQ: VBIV). Francisco was awarded the Youthfull Investigator’s Award by The American Society of Microbiology in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven and has been building healthcare solutions ever since. Francisco graduated from the University of Alberta and University of Guadalajara.

Saúl Ibaven Bueno, Bowhead Health CTO, is a robotics engineer who previously won the Latin American Robotics Championship in two thousand thirteen after designing an autonomous beach cleaning robot. Saúl most recently designed BMW’s intelligent HUD. Saúl graduated from Technológico de Monterrey.

Francisco Diaz-Mitoma Jr., Bowhead Health Head of Product, is a software architect with over fifteen years of practice building scalable online technology products. Francisco is the cofounder of Playsino, Espiralapp, and Francisco graduated from McGill University and was honored as a Forbes thirty under 30.

David Bueno, Bowhead Health Head of Manufacturing, is presently the COO of Plasticos Arcoiris, a design and manufacturing rigid for the pharmaceutical and consumer products space with over six hundred employees and a certified FDA-approved facility. David has designed and manufactured products for Bayer, GSK and Sanofi Pasteur. David is a product engineer who graduated from Technológico de Monterrey.

Dr. Young-in Kim is a staff gastroenterologist in the Division of Gastroenterology at St. Michael’s Hospital, and Professor of Medicine and Nutritional Sciences at the University of Toronto. Dr. Kim ended Postdoctoral fellowships at Harvard Medical School and at USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University. Dr. Kim’s research concentrates on nutrition and cancer.

Peter Kroll is the inventor of the Bitcoin Paper Wallet ( A novel and secure open-source method for safe guarding your bitcoins in a cold storage wallet. Peter is a software developer and blockchain advisor intensely involved with Bitcoin since 2011. Peter founded the Atheist & Agnostics community on the platform; one of the largest communities of micro-lenders in the world.

Raja Jindal is the cofounder of Santa Barbara-based BIOIQ. BIOIQ simplifies health measurement for organizations and empowers individuals to take activity to improve their health. BIOIQ has screened over Two.5M people. BIOIQ provides health services to health plans, wellness providers, employers and government. Raja graduated from MIT and UC Santa Barbara.

Cristina Randall is the cofounder of Conekta, one of Mexico’s leading financial companies. Cristina has worked in Asia, Africa, and Europe in a range of fields from investment banking and economic development in the non-profit sector to coding software for some of the fastest-growing technology companies. Cristina studied Systems Engineering at the University of Waterloo and is sultry about cryptography and personalized health.

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