Best Bitcoin Cash Exchange: How to Buy

Best Bitcoin Cash Exchange: How to Buy/Sell Bitcoin Cash [Guide]

The Bitcoin Fork script is over and ultimately, on one August, we have got a fresh Cryptocurrency called Bitcoin Cash.

All the people who had stored their BTC on a wallet(Hardware Wallets) to which they own the Private Keys has got Free Bitcoin Cash.

#Update: Users who stored their BTC on web wallets will also get the same amount of BCH.

For example. If you had one BTC then after Bitcoin Fork/Split, you would have one BTC and one BCH.

Isn’t that truly amazing?

The price of Bitcoin Cash demonstrated a bullish trend and enlargened more than 100% within a day and at the time of writing this article, BCH is standing strong at $506.

So a lot of people are now willing to Sell these Free BCH to make some profits while many are buying to book some profits for the future.

Even I sold my Free BCH (I got in my Ledger Nano S ) on an exchange and bought some Ethereum and Litecoins.

Since, Bitcoin Cash is in its early days’ people are not aware of How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin cash.

So, I thought why not use my latest practice and share a accomplish guide on the Best Bitcoin Cash Exchanges that can help our Coinscage community to trade BCH/BCC.

Without any further Ado! Let’s see which exchanges are presently supporting BCC. However, I will keep this post updated with the fresh sites/exchanges which will support BCH in the near future.

Also, Some exchanges call it Bitcoin Cash, BCC or BCH, so I would be using these words interchangeably. Don’t get confused! ��

Best Bitcoin Cash Exchange(Sell your Bitcoin Cash for Bitcoin)

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • USTD
  • BTC
  • CNY
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • USD
  • BTC
  • USD
  • EUR
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • USD
  • BTC
  • USD
  • CYN
  • JYP
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • KRW
  • 30+ Crypto
  • USD(Credit Card)
  • 30+ Crypto


Bittrex is a very popular exchange which supports mostly all the cryptocurrencies in the world.

To embark trading BCC you need to create an account and get your photo ID verified. Once your account is verified you can buy Bitcoin Cash with BTC, ETH and USTD.

If you had some BTC on Bittrex at the time of fork(August 1st, 12:20 pm UTC), then you will get an equal amount of BCC in your Bitrex account.

You can sell your BCC(Bitcoin Cash) for Bitcoin or any altcoin.


ViaBTc was the very first exchange to announce that they will support Bitcoin Cash and users can Buy/Sell/Trade BCH instantly after the fork.

People who held their BTC in ViaBTC account at the time of fork, got a same amount of BCH after the fork.

ViaBTC is a very popular Chinese exchange and Buying/Sell BCH is fairly plain.

  • SignUp as a Fresh user
  • Upload your individual Information and verify Photo ID
  • Once, Upload your account will be verified within three hours.

Presently, you can trade only in two pairs i.e


HiBTC is a well-known cryptocurrency exchange which is based out of San Fransico.

Similar all other the other exchanges, users who had stored BTC on HiBTC have got 1:1 ratio of BCC in their account after the fork.

HiBTC permits you to Buy and Sell BCC with:

To get began with HiBTC, just create an account and that’s it. You can instantly embark trading BCC.

But if you wish to fund your account with fiat currency, you need to finish a decent photo ID verification which could take upto a day.

The fee on this exchange is average but a few another exchange charge a bit lesser than this. Also, the time takes for 14 days to deposit and 20 days to withdraw funds which is far too long.

HiBTC has a hefty reputation and trust since it has been established in 2013.


Kraken is one of the best Bitcoin exchange which also supports BCH. It is mostly popular in Japan, US and European regions.

To Buy or Sell Bitcoin Cash(BCH) on Kraken:

But to trade on higher thresholds, you will need to upload Government issues ID proof and residence proof.

Moreover, All the users who held Bitcoins on Kraken during fork have received an equal amount of Bitcoin cash in their account.

If you wish to trade Bitcoin Cash (BCH), then Kraken could be a fine option as their fees are very competitive.

They also have a meaty active user base which leads to phat trade volumes.


Bitfinex is one of the largest Bitcoin exchange and now they support Bitcoin Cash(BCH) aswell.

You can also customize the dashboard as per your requirements.

It’s a pretty old exchange which has a good reputation and the fee is very low. Also, In 2016, Bitfinex was hacked once and twelve thousand units of BTC were stolen. But the security is pretty solid now.

Unlike other Bitcoin exchanges, Bitfinex is not providing 1:1 ratio of BCH to all the BTC holders. Instead, they had announced a fresh ration called “socialized distribution coefficient” because they are expecting a surplus distribution of BCH after the fork.

So, the fresh ratio is 1: 0.8539 which means the holder will get 0.8539 BCH for one BTC.

Moreover, You can lightly embark trading BCC on Bitfinex just by creating an account and getting it verified. You can trade BCC with:


OKCoin is a big Chinese cryptocurrency exchange.

After the fork, OKCoin has given an equal amount of BCC to all the users who held BTC on their OKCoin account.

Bitcoin Cash has been listed on OKCoin and you can embark trading after creating the account and completing the verification. You can get more information on OKCoin’s official blog post.

Presently, four pairs are available for BCC on this exchange:


Bithumb is another popular Bitcoin exchange based out of South Korea. This exchange is largely used in Korean and Japan.

Recently they had added Bitcoin Cash(BCC) in their trading list. So, If you are in Korean then you must surely give Bithumb a attempt as it supports BCC now.

You can trade on Bithumb with following currencies:

It has a indeed helpful and prompt customer support which you can contact in case of any issues.


If you are willing to exchange your BCC to Bitcoin or Altcoins, then you must attempt changelly.

Changelly is an instant multi-cryptocurrency exchange.

It permits you to convert your BCC to any of the 30+ currencies available on their dashboard. You just need to inject your email and you can commence the exchange. You can also buy Bitcoin Cash(BCC) using your Credit card but its charges are a comparatively higher.

You will need to come in the Crypto wallet address where you want to receive the fresh currency.

Changelly does not provide a wallet, it’s just a quick way to exchange currencies by paying a puny fee. But you can login to your changelly account and check your previous transactions.

I would recommend you to read the Changelly guide and review to get a better idea about it.

Shapeshift is also a Multi-currency exchange but it’s much swifter than changelly.

You do not require to inject your email id or go through any sort of verification. You can instantly exchange your BCC/BCH with any of the 30+ cryptocurrencies available on shapeshift.

Make sure to read the finish process of exchanging currencies on Shapeshift.

There are few other exchanges which support Bitcoin Cash in various countries:

So these were some of the best exchange/sites which presently supports Bitcoin Cash. I believe other Bitcoin exchanges will soon list BCH on the market so that people can trade them.

Also, There are only a few Bitcoin Cash Wallets and we hope many other wallets open doors for BCH very soon, thus permits users to store their currency securely. However, I personally use Ledger Nano S as I own the keys and the risk of losing my crypto is negligible.

If liked this article, then do share it with your friends and family!

I will be back with more guides and information about crypto world for my Coinscage audience.

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