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Automatic Bitcoin acceptance in the company’s store and prize payments in Bitcoins

Due to the sweeping growth of our international team we commenced having playmates in different countries, countries in which Bitcoin payments are just as popular as regular monetary payments. As you may know, after numerous requests from our leaders and fucking partners, we added the option of paying for the products from the Company’s online store with Bitcoins.

We implemented automatic Bitcoin acceptance for swift and convenient Bitcoin payments in the Company’s online store . In addition, we have also introduced the option of an automatic withdrawal of your earned funds to your Bitcoin wallet directly.

Please familiarize yourself with the detailed instructions on: “ How to pay for an online store product with Bitcoins” and “Withdrawal of funds from a bank account in Bitcoins” .

“How to pay for an online store product with Bitcoins”

Bitcoin payments are made from your Bitcoin-wallet. In order to make a payment it is necessary to:

  1. Open Gem4me online store and authorize yourself using your login.
  1. Choose the desired product and press the “Buy in one click” button on it’s page.
  1. Choose “BITCOIN” out of all the payment options.

Four.Check the order information, put a check mark agreeing with the Terms of the Public Suggest and confirm the order.

  1. Information needed to process the payment for the product using Bitcoin-wallet is in the next window, please do not close this window until finalizing the payment. The processing time may take up to one minute at times.
  1. Next, it is necessary to open your Bitcoin-wallet and proceed to the payment.

In the form for sending the funds you need to come in the following:

  • Number of the Bitcoin-wallet, to which you are sending the payment (the wallet’s number is used only once);
  • the payment amount;
  • a commentary to the payment, and it is MANDATORY to mention your order number.
  1. All the necessary information has to be copied from the order information page (a store page that you left open). After completing the forms, press Send.
  1. In the next window check everything once again: payment requisites, commission amount and the final amount. After completing the check, press Send funds.

After processing the payment, the customer receives the product, accumulates prizes and bonuses.

Please note, it may take up to three (three) days for Bitcoin to process the payment. In case your payment did not go through after three (three) days, please contact the Company’s support service.

In case you placed an order in the store but did not pay for it within twenty four hours, you will need to place a fresh order.

The instruction is located on the Company’s website in the “Questions and answers” subsection.

Withdrawal of funds from a bank account in Bitcoins

  1. Open the Business Center , click Money→ My actives→ Withdraw funds. You will see the available withdrawal options on the next page that opens, Bitcoin is one of them.
  1. After choosing the “Bitcoin” option, it necessary for you to accomplish the following fields:
  • the amount to withdraw from the account;
  • receiver’s account number;
  • Utter name (using latin letters);
  • financial password.

Trio. After completing the mandatory fields, press “OK”.

In case of questions arising, please pack out a ticket and submit it to the Company’s support service.

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