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Weipoint Address Verification

Connect your existing identity to the Ethereum Blockchain

You can now cryptographically link your Ethereum addresses to a Keybase account on Weipoint. Keybase accounts can be linked with sites like Github and Facebook, making it possible to connect your total existing digital identity to the blockchain. Attempt it out at weipoint.com/wallet/verify or view my own proof at weipoint.com/service/keybase/antonioj

Up until now, identity on the blockchain has been separate from identity on the existing Internet. While this anonymity is sometimes desirable, at other times it is beneficial to know exactly who an address on the blockchain belongs to. For example, it would be superb to know for a fact the ICO contract you are funding is authentic, or the address you are sending to does in fact belong to your Facebook friend Matt. Having this link also permits decentralized applications to utilize your identity, opening up a fresh category of possible interactions. Weipoint now permits you to provably establish this link inbetween your Internet and blockchain identity.

Weipoint creates a message announcing that your address is linked to your Keybase account. This message is then cryptographically signed by both your Keybase account and wallet containing your address, proving you own both accounts. Afterwards, this message along with the corresponding signatures are publicly displayed so that anyone can verify its authenticity. All of this is done without placing any trust in Weipoint itself.

After you accomplish the verification, Weipoint will display your Keybase account username on your address page, as well as on any clever contracts you create using that address. Additionally, Weipoint automatically detects other Internet accounts, such as Github, Reddit and Facebook, that you have linked to your Keybase account and will display your usernames for those sites as well. Addresses and contracts will be discoverable by your Internet usernames through Weipoint search.

Verifying the address with which you create your contracts can be a fine way to establish trust with your users. Since Weipoint automatically displays your linked accounts alongside your contracts in search results, your users will be able to quickly verify the authenticity of your clever contracts. If you link your organization’s website to Keybase, Weipoint will also display your web domain alongside your other verifications, which can be helpful if your users already recognize your domain name. Check out an example here.

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