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Blockchain Technology is disrupting every sector from Banking to Government and global commerce. Techemy helps you understand the trends, technology and key players in this continually evolving space.

How would your business go about integrating Programmable-Money, or Wise Contracts? What is the best Technology Stack to choose and will it integrate with your legacy systems?

In the rapidly evolving regulatory and business landscape, timing, the right strategy and the right personnel are key.

A blockchain is a digital distributed transaction ledger, with identical copies maintained on numerous computer systems managed by different entities.

The blockchain is going to bring levels of efficiency to the financial markets that we’ve never seen before.

Bob Greifeld Nasdaq CEO

Our Services

From entry level to advanced, Techemy Consulting will help you understand and leverage blockchain technologies

C-Level Executive Training & Briefs

Understanding Blockchains and Distributed Ledger Technology is particularly necessity for todays leaders, especially in financial companies. We provide tailored and condensed training to enable executives to take the right decisions regarding Blockchain technologies.

  • Executive Industry Briefs
  • Executive one on one personalized Training
  • Management Workshops
  • Influence Analysis (Your Sector & Business)
  • Technical & Project Manager Training

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Our team of experienced developers can help you to exploit the potential of Digital Currencies:

  • Integration of digital currency payments into your products and services.
  • Advice on the secure storage and transfer of digital currencies.
  • Advanced payment analytics through Blockchain analysis
  • Minimisation of transaction fraud
  • Identify possible innovation, fresh products, cost savings and supply chain efficiencies.

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We gather strategic data and insight about the crypto-currency markets and how Government & Enterprise are using blockchains.

  • How will digital currencies affect your existing business – are they a threat or an chance?
  • What will be the affect of regulation, both current and future? In an uncertain regulatory environment, how can risk be minimised?
  • What are the evolving industry and business trends and what will your industry landscape look like in the future?

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