PayPal Is Planning Instant Bank Transfers, at a Fee

PayPal Is Planning Instant Bank Transfers, at a Fee

PayPal recently announced that users will soon be able to “instantly” transfer money inbetween its services and their bank accounts, as long as they pay a 25-cent fee per transaction. The stir, according to the company, is still in beta for select users and will in the future roll out for eligible Visa or Mastercard debit card holders.

Typically, transactions take a day or two when using PayPal or its peer-to-peer service Venmo. With the fresh feature, users will be able to choose inbetween these regular transfers, and instant transfers that will permit them to receive their money in “a matter of minutes”, with transactions possibly taking as much as thirty minutes in some cases, according to PayPal.

The budge is reportedly an response to various up-and-coming competitors who suggest similar options. Square Cash, for example, permits users to instantly transfer money into their bank accounts, but charges a 1% fee, meaning PayPal permits customers to save on large transfers.

Zelle, another Venmo competitor, is already backed by over thirty U.S. banks, and hasn’t even gone live yet. It promises instant transfers through the banks’ websites and apps, as well as in its standalone app as well. According to reports, Zelle is going to suggest cheaper fees, but PayPal has its benefits. According to PayPal’s COO Bill Ready:

What our customers value is that they know that not only can they use us as a pay anyone service, so – no matter what bank someone banks with or what operating system they’re on – they can lightly exchange money with the person on the other end. But along with ubiquity that PayPal provides, we’re suggesting excellent protections – the buyer and seller protections are things that have been differentiated in the market for years,

Zelle is built on the clearXchange Network, which eyed over $16 billion being transacted in Q1 this year. PayPal’s combined services – PayPal, Venmo and Xoom – processed $64 billion in transactions during the same period.

In the past, PayPal has been a Visa and Mastercard competitor that encouraged customers to link their bank accounts to its platform to bypass large networks. Recently, however, the company seems to have shifted its strategy, TechCrunch notes, as it unveiled partnerships with both Visa and MasterCard last year. The fresh feature comes partly as a result of these partnerships.

Digital Currencies: Still Safer, Quicker, and Cheaper

At very first glance, these look like horrible news for bitcoiners who, lately, have seen nothing but enhancing fees and large numbers of unconfirmed transactions. Recommended transaction fees are now well over the $Two mark, and even tho’ the number of unconfirmed bitcoin transactions is significantly lower than the 200,000 seen last month, the number is still pretty high at 33,000, according to

Bitcoin’s seemingly endless scaling debate might ultimately be over now. As reported by CryptoCoinsNews, SegWit2x recently hit the 80% network hashrate threshold it needed. When it comes to fees and transaction times, PayPal’s instant transfers might now be better than bitcoin, at least until the cryptocurrency’s problems are solved.

Still, for those who worry about their privacy and want to control their own money there are slew of alternatives. Dogecoin, for example, is viable altcoin. Albeit it might be hard to directly spend dogecoins, the cryptocurrency still has relatively insignificant transaction fees, as well as rapid confirmation times.

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