The Secret to Buying Bitcoin with Cash

The Secret to Buying Bitcoin with Cash Let’s face it – getting ahold of your very first bitcoin isn’t effortless. It may seem like buying a “digital currency” should be as elementary as coming in a payment amount and a credit card number into a website form. But if you’re like thousands of beginners, you’ve discovered the surprising, disappointing truth: ... Read More »

The Fresh Bitcoin Myth – The Atlantic

Can Bitcoin Be Used For Good? The cryptocurrency is a powerful device for early adopters and middle-class entrepreneurs, but it may not provide the opportunities in the developing world that its advocates claim. Most Popular The Very first White President Ta-Nehisi Coates Five:00 AM ET Photos of the Devastation Across Saint Martin Left by Hurricane Irma Alan Taylor 12:47 PM ... Read More »

The Human Blockchain: Bitcoin Explained Without Technology

The Human Blockchain: Bitcoin Explained Without Technology Bitcoin, when explained through the allegory of a fictional village’s primitive accounting system, becomes much lighter to understand by simply substituting paper records with digital data. Bitcoin, still a financial technology in its infancy in terms of adoption, can seem mystical to some. Read More »

The nine Thickest Screwups in Bitcoin History

Без кейворда Jul 20, two thousand fourteen at 11:20 UTC by Kadhim Shubber Do you know where your bitcoins are right now? Hopefully they’re still in your wallet where you left them, but the history of bitcoin is littered with human error, poorly implemented software and heists that would make even the most hardened of Wild West outlaws peak their ... Read More »

Statistical Analysis of the Exchange Rate of Bitcoin

Statistical Analysis of the Exchange Rate of Bitcoin Analyzed the data: JC SN SC. Contributed reagents/materials/analysis instruments: JC SN SC. Wrote the paper: JC SN SC. Abstract Bitcoin, the very first electronic payment system, is becoming a popular currency. We provide a statistical analysis of the log-returns of the exchange rate of Bitcoin versus the United States Dollar. Read More »

Standpoint s Ronnie Moas raises bitcoin price target to $7, 500

After calling latest surge above $Four,000, Standpoint's Ronnie Moas raises bitcoin forecast to $7,500 Longtime stock researcher Ronnie Moas raised his price target on bitcoin by $Two,500 on Monday after the digital currency hit all-time highs over the weekend. “What’s happening is the floodgates are opening,” Moas, founder of Standpoint Research, said in a phone interview with CNBC on Monday. ... Read More »